Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that determine how to wire a data center, office or apartment building for data or voice communications, using Category 5(CAT 5E) or Category 6 cable(CAT 6E) and modular sockets. These standards define how to lay the cabling in a star formation, such that all outlets terminate at a central patch panel (which is normally 19 inch rack-mounted), from where it can be determined exactly how these connections will be used. Each outlet can be ‘patched’ into a data network switch (normally also rack mounted alongside), or patched into a ‘telecoms patch panel’ which forms a bridge into a private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system, thus making the connection a voice port

Sunrize Communications offers:

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  • Fast Reliable Service
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  • Building Long Lasting Relationships

Satisfied Customers:

  • Diversified Human Resources (DHR)
  • BDL
  • Jedito School District
  • Tolleson School District
  • Mr Quotes
  • IRS
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Tucson
  • City of Lake Havasu
  • Ikon Office Solutions
  • D&L Technologies
  • Comlink SW LLC

Structured Cabling Solutions

The secret behind any successful business is efficacy. In order to operate at the highest level, companies cannot waist time or money. One of the most important ways to save time and money is to have a quality structured cabling system in place. Structured cabling affects every aspect of companies. It is involved in every phone call, every internet connection, and every video feed that a business participates in. Understanding just how important a well-planned cabling system can be in your daily business can help you make an informed decision on how much to spend on the installation and management of a structured cabling network.

The Backbone of Business

While every business owner understands the need of a cabling network, many don’t understand just how vital the installation and design of this network is. The truth is that a structured cabling system is the backbone of business. Research has shown that up to 50% of all network problems are related to network cabling, but only 2% of network investments are allocated for data cabling services. With so much of your network relying on the functionality of your data cabling, a cabling system should be a long-term investment, and properly designed to avoid future network problems.

Designing Solutions

In order to get the most out of your structured cabling system, a well-planned design is needed. Business problems and solutions should be addressed, as well as needs, and workloads. Once the basic requirements of your daily business needs have been addressed, a design can be planned to help you get the best cabling solution for your individual business needs. Once the design has been created, the wiring and installation can begin. Your system design will serve as the blueprint for the backbone of your business solution.

Sunrize Communications of Phoenix, Arizona

Is it time to strengthen the backbone of your business? Would your daily business benefit from a well-designed cable network? Let the experts at Sunrize Communications help you on the road to success. Located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ, Sunrize has been serving Arizona companies for more than 15 years. If you are looking for an Arizona company to help you design a structured wiring solution for your business, why not turn to the wiring professionals Arizona loves. Contact our Phoenix, AZ office today for more information on how our services can help your company achieve your operating goals.

    structured cabling design

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    Network Phone and Data Cabling

    • We can help plan and review wiring infrastructure and create a stable and efficient foundation for your network and phone system.
    • Many companies only perform selected jobs, such as running cable, but are unable to complete the whole job — often requiring you to hire several companies for cabling, connecting jacks or connecting to equipment. Sunrize Communications can perform every part of the job for computer and phone wiring. You deal with a single company, avoiding delays, confusion and extra expense.
    • Sunrize Communications provides customized structured cabling plans with the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure your wiring needs to meet current and future business demands.

    Arizona Cabling

    • We install computer network wiring (Cat5 & Cat 6), phone wiring (digital & analog), 25 pair trunk cable, and Coax. Installation includes everything; all cable, jacks, termination, & testing.
    • Research has shown that up to 50% of all network problems are related to network cabling, but only 2% of network investments are allocated for data cabling. A cabling system should be a long-term investment, so be sure that it is properly designed to avoid future network problems.

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    We service these Arizona areas:

    cabling and telephone system service areas

    • Phoenix
    • Chandler
    • Gilbert
    • Glendale
    • Mesa
    • Peoria
    • Scottsdale
    • Surprise
    • Tempe
    • Apache Junction
    • Avondale
    • Buckeye
    • Casa Grande
    • El Mirage
    • Eloy
    • Florence
    • Fountain Hills
    • Goodyear
    • Maricopa
    • Paradise Valley
    • Queen Creek

    Network Phone and Cabling Services

    Communication is vital in the business world. In order for a company to operate efficiently they must have an open ability to communicate at a moment’s notice. Technology has provided many options to the business world when it comes to communication. A century ago the only option for communication between businesses was in person or through the written word, delivered via mail or telegram. Today companies communicate using telephone, email, instant messaging, texting, and even video conferencing. There is no question that communication has been greatly simplified thanks to technological advancements, but without the right equipment, your company might feel trapped in time.

    Phone and Data Cabling

    No business today can operate without the telephone. Larger companies with several employees usually require the installation of phone services and a data cabling system. The installation of these systems is extremely complex. Companies in search of high functioning phone and data systems trust the contractor professionals a Sunrize Communications to build and manage their phone systems. Research has shown that up to 50% of all network problems are related to network cabling, but only 2% of network investments are allocated for data cabling services. With so much of your network relying on the functionality of your data cabling, a cabling system should be a long-term investment, and properly designed to avoid future network problems.

    Sunrize Communications of Arizona

    Sunrize Communications has been servicing the businesses of Arizona for over 15 years. Our contractors can help review and install the wiring infrastructure and create a stable and efficient foundation for your cable network and phone system. Unlike many companies in the area, Sunrize can perform every part of the computer and phone wiring installation. Our ability to do so saves you time, money, and the frustration of working with multiple contractor companies for cabling. A Sunrize contractor will handle everything from running cable to the install of jacks and equipment. Our contractors take pride in our customized structured cabling plans with the ability to upgrade, expand, and reconfigure your wiring needs to meet current and future business demands.

    Serving Arizona

    Sunrize contactors have provided service to a wide range of Arizona companies. Just a few of our satisfied customers include the Jedito and Tolleson School Districts, the Cities of Phoenix, Tucson, and Lake Havasu, and many more well respected local businesses. If you are looking for an Arizona company to install a telephone cable system for your business, why not turn to the contractors all your neighbors love. Contact our Phoenix, AZ office today for more information on how our services can help your company achieve your operating goals.

      computer network wiring data cabling

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      Telephone and data install and repair specialists

      We Install, troubleshoot, repair, test all voice & data network lines. We service all business and home phone & data lines.

      We will install or move your phone system attained on-line or elsewhere, along with add more phones or equipment, program, troubleshoot and repair, and clean up the system and wiring to your satisfaction. We can provide many reasonably priced options for new or reconditioned systems and phones at your request.

      Some of our services include:
      *Computer/phone cable installation: cat-5/5e/6
      *Testing all your cabling with latest test equipment with test results

      Rewire existing jacks, and add new jacks, move service any telephone systems.
      *Professional, clean, respectful, and dependable.
      *Will respond at your convenience. Job done right the first time.

      We stand behind our products and service Sunrize Communications become customers for life.


      Sunrize Communications is a Structured ( Voice and Data ) Cabling Company. We provide Voice, Data and Fiber optic Cabling solutions for Commercial businesses.


      Call today to schedule a walk through for your NEW or EXISTING BUSINESS NETWORK CABLING NEEDS.


      Our scope of services includes advice and execution related to: install and setup, expansion or move and installation, maintenance, service, repair, troubleshooting, network wiring and cabling of: cat 5, cat V, cat 5e, cat5e, cat 6, cat6, PVC and plenum fire rated cable run or runs, discount for multiple cables, rewire jack or jacks, licensed contractor, new or existing voice and data services, convenience and job done right the first time, telecommunications needs assessment, premise and campus cabling design, project management.


      When looking for ways to increase revenue, business owners and managers tend to focus on new ideas and staff. They hope they will stumble upon a previously unseen path that will lead them to endless profit…or at least a way to stay afloat in an unstable economy that is wiping out many large and small businesses.

      How Unproductive Workers Costs You

      A frequently overlooked loss of profit is unproductive workers. Interestingly, the average worker (not just the slacker) is distracted more than 2 hours every day…every day, not every week. While there are a variety of factors to consider, the most commonly reported and observed distraction is usually noise, such as co-worker chatter. Whether workers want to be privy to water cooler gossip or not, the mere presence of conversation and general office noise leads workers to lose focus and therefore produce less work by the end of the day. Distracted workers are more likely to make mistakes, feel high levels of stress, while simultaneously have less ability to problem-solve. This costly combination usually boasts of a $600 billion price tag per year.

      How Sound Masking Can Boost Productivity

      Instead of looking at outside sources of revenue, why not better utilize what you already have? Sound masking technology is the use of white noise evenly distributed throughout an office so that workers can tune out unwanted noise while also experience higher levels of speech privacy, or confidentiality. Sound masking is barely noticed audibly and is literally invisible, thus leaving your facility in tact as is.

      Contact us to learn more about how sound masking systems work and how they can work for you! Sound masking is such an easy solution for your office noise problems, and it typically pays for itself in a matter of months.


      Structured Cabling is defined as building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems.Structured cabling falls into the following six sub-systems:

      • Entrance Facilities is where the building interfaces with the outside world.
      • Equipment Rooms host equipment which serves the users inside the building.
      • Telecommunications Rooms are where various telecommunications and data equipment resides, connecting the backbone and horizontal cabling sub-systems.
      • Backbone Cabling as the name suggests carries the signals between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms and telecommunications rooms.
      • Horizontal Cabling is the wiring from telecommunications rooms to the individual outlets on the floor.
      • Work-Area Components connect end-user equipment to the outlets of the horizontal cabling system.


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      EIA/TIA 568A Standard

      This standard was published in July of 1991. The purpose of EIA/TIA 568A, was to create a multiproduct, multivendor, standard for connectivity. Prior to the adoption of this standard, many “proprietary” cabling systems existed. This was very bad for the consumer. Among other things, the standard set the minimum requirements for cat5e cable, patch cables/patch cords and network hardware. The 568 “standard” is not to be confused with 568A or 568B wiring schemes, which are themselves, part of the “568A standard”.

      Ethernet cabling that satisfies the criteria for the EIA/TIA-568 standard’s Category 3, which allows data transfers up to 10Mbps. We use this for basic telephone and will not support data.

      Cat5 Cables (UTP)
      (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

      A multipair (usually 4 pair) high performance patch cable that consists of twisted pair conductors, used mainly for data transmission. Note: The twisting of the pairs gives the patch cable a certain amount of immunity from the infiltration of unwanted interference. cat5 UTP cabling systems are by far, the most common (compared to SCTP) in the United States. Basic cat 5 cable was designed for characteristics of up to 100 MHz. Cat5 cable is typically used for Ethernet networks running at 10 or 100 Mbps.
      Cat5e Cables (enhanced)
      Same as Cat5, except that it is made to somewhat more stringent standards (see comparison chart below). The Cat5e standard is now officially part of the 568A standard. Minimum Cat5e cable is recommended for all new installations, patch cords and Ethernet cables.
      Same as Cat5e, except that it is made to a higher standard (see comparison chart below) . The Cat6 standard is now officially part of the 568A standard. Cat6 Ethernet cables and patch cords are available as both off-the-shelf and as custom made products.
      *Note: Cat5e and Cat6 can be used for voice over IP applications*
      Cat5e, RJ45 jack
      (Work Area Outlet)
      An 8 conductor, compact, modular, female jack that is used to terminate cat5e patch cables at the user (or other) location. The jack is specifically engineered to maintain the performance of cat5E cabling.
      Cat5e Patch Panel
      A Cat5e Patch Panel is basically just a series of many cat5e jacks, condensed onto a single panel. Common panel configurations are 12, 24, 48, and 96 ports. Patch panels are typically used where all of the horizontal Ethernet cables meet, and are used to connect the segments to the Network Hub.
      Cat5e Cable
      A Cat5e Cable consists a length of cat5e cable with an RJ-45 male connector, crimped onto each end. The patch cable assembly is used to provide connectivity between any two cat5e female outlets (jacks). The two most common are from hub to patch panel, and work area outlet (jack) to the computer.

      Fiber Optics
      The technology in which communication signals in the form of modulated light beams are transmitted over a glass fiber transmission medium. Fiber optic technology offers high bandwidth, small space needs and protection from electromagnetic interference, eavesdropping and radioactivity. This is used also when either Cat5e or Cat6 is used for distances over 295 feet. We specialize in single mode, multi mode, indoor or outside plant (OSP).

      Coaxial cables are used primarily for CATV and other wideband, video, or rf applications. Sunrize can install RG59, RG6, RG11 (for feed) we can also install coax for your Cable TV or Direct TV needs consisting of home runs without splitting the signal.

      cat 5 cable

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