When looking for ways to increase revenue, business owners and managers tend to focus on new ideas and staff. They hope they will stumble upon a previously unseen path that will lead them to endless profit…or at least a way to stay afloat in an unstable economy that is wiping out many large and small businesses.

How Unproductive Workers Costs You

A frequently overlooked loss of profit is unproductive workers. Interestingly, the average worker (not just the slacker) is distracted more than 2 hours every day…every day, not every week. While there are a variety of factors to consider, the most commonly reported and observed distraction is usually noise, such as co-worker chatter. Whether workers want to be privy to water cooler gossip or not, the mere presence of conversation and general office noise leads workers to lose focus and therefore produce less work by the end of the day. Distracted workers are more likely to make mistakes, feel high levels of stress, while simultaneously have less ability to problem-solve. This costly combination usually boasts of a $600 billion price tag per year.

How Sound Masking Can Boost Productivity

Instead of looking at outside sources of revenue, why not better utilize what you already have? Sound masking technology is the use of white noise evenly distributed throughout an office so that workers can tune out unwanted noise while also experience higher levels of speech privacy, or confidentiality. Sound masking is barely noticed audibly and is literally invisible, thus leaving your facility in tact as is.

Contact us to learn more about how sound masking systems work and how they can work for you! Sound masking is such an easy solution for your office noise problems, and it typically pays for itself in a matter of months.

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